Wednesday, September 16, 2009


How is it that the whole world seems to know that I'm a pushover...

My 5 year old's little friend came over yesterday and rang the doorbell. and knocked. and rang again. and again!

(I'm hiding in the kitchen pretending not to be home, even though the front door is wide open.)

My daughter then comes upstairs and I realize she's going to notice her friend at the door. I tell her "Sweetheart (daughter), go tell so and so (doorbell ringer) you can't play."

My sweetheart tells so and so she can't play.

Then I hear the dreaded words.... "I want to talk to your mom".

WHY am I so afraid to talk to a 7 year old girl? What power does she have over me?

No, I don't want to talk to her.

But, I realize she will never leave so I go to see what she wants (already knowing fully well what she wants).

S&S "Can sweetheart play?"

Me "No"

S&S "Why?"

Me "She needs to clean her room."

S&S "I'll help her clean."

Me "No (with some other reason)"

S&S (Coming back with a rebuttle for everything I say)

Going back and forth for at least a minute.

DANG she's good!

Me.... CAVING IN.... "FINE, whatever."

How does this happen?

Then it takes 2 hours for me to get her out of my house, and is my daughter's room clean?

Of course not, it's worse than it was before she came.

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  1. That story was so stincking funny. Troy and I laughed a lot! Have been wondering how you are doing? Sounds like there's not a dull moment.