Thursday, March 18, 2010


Um, I want to say I have an excuse for not blogging for the last 6 months....
But really, it's just an excuse.

I've been blessed beyond all reason...
I can't quite figure out why.

Sometimes I just feel like I don't deserve any of it,
and I've been so ungrateful.
and spoiled.

And how do I treat those who have helped me get here?

Why do we treat those closest to us with more disrespect than a stranger?
What is a stranger to us, that they are more important?
Why do they get respect?
Why can't I treat the most important people in my life with THAT much respect?

Because it's easy not to.
Because they let me.
Because they love me.

What a way to show love in return. Disrespect.

I tried to teach this lesson to my 7 year old Sunday School class.
BUT, I don't really practice what I preach.
Maybe I should try harder. Like I told them to.

So my goal this week,
Treat my family like strangers.
Respect them.
Love them.
Appreciate them.
Be there for them.

Because really, what's more important to me than them?

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