Thursday, March 25, 2010


Can someone just up and decide to become a runner?
Let's say this person ALWAYS hated running, or jogging or anything of the sort.
Can they just decide to change?

What if they had an accident and weren't able to use their legs the right way for a while?
Now they can and they want to start new.
Can the hate be changed?
Do you think it's something that's burned in that will always stay the same?

So we're talking about me.

Someone tells me I'm not a runner.
I know I used to hate it.
I did have a desire to run a marathon one day.
And since my accident that desire is SOOOOO much stronger.

But, now there are limits (where there weren't any before).
So, the willpower is going to have to be MUCH greater than just a desire.

Exactly HOW much greater?


  1. I haven't had the accidnet, but otherwise you described me too :) I started running about 1 year ago now and I can run about 4 miles at a time. Not alot compared to some of my other friends who have really trained, while I just kind of try ;) It's totally something you can do with the right amount of willpower, just don't overdo it in the beginning. I hope you guys are all doing well, it's so good to see you blogging a bit again :) Good luck!!

  2. My theory is that you always enjoy things more when you're not being forced to do them. Especially running. I'm not a hater of it, but feel like up until now the only time I actually did it on a consistent basis was for gym class/school. I think it could really become a joy to you at this time of your life! It could be a great escape! Grab your iPod and headphones and have that hour per day that it's just you and the pavement. You can listen to whatever you want and think about whatever you want without the interuption of kids, the phone, and just life in general! I say go for it! I really think you could enjoy!

  3. About a year ago I decided to seriously start running regularly too.. I sometimes still dread to get up and do it, but once I am running I really like it! It's such a good feeling to me. And once I am done I feel so great about myself and I love that!! I have considered myself not to be a runner in the past too, but I think that can change.. It may just take some time to condition your body to be able to do a looooong run like the other people who do consider themselves runners today and in the past. I have a goal to do a race, and I want to do a marathon one day too.. But that'll be a long way down the road, it takes me a lot of work to build my endurance. You just gotta keep at it and push yourself. But yeah, since you have had an accident I would definatly take it slow, but do it reguarly! You can do this!

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  7. Of course you can do it! As of last October, I had not run more than a mile at a time (except maybe 1 5K, where maybe I ran up to 2 miles at one time, if that). I was crazy and decided that I wanted to run a marathon (something I had at the back of my mind and some girls I knew were running one and told me to), so now I'm almost done training for a MARATHON! Still crazy to me. Unfortunately the past 5 weeks or so I've been battling a knee problem and the pain that has come with it. Its been discouraging to say the least, but I'm oh so close! I know if I quit now, I will be so disappointed. I will admit, I still don't find running all that enjoyable (never have), but when doing it with some friends who can talk while I listen (I can't talk and run at the same time) helps me get through it and makes it at times somewhat enjoyable. Not sure why I decided to go straight for a full marathon as a very beginning runner, and I'll probably never do one again, but I am hoping to have an enjoyable experience and maybe down the road I'll find half marathons more my style. You can do it Amber!!! I'm dreading running 18 miles tomorrow morning, but when I am done, I feel very accomplished.

  8. Sorry, I realize my small injuries, are nothing as to what you have overcome. I won't lie, it will be hard, and it will take will power, but from what I've seen you do this past year, with your hubby overseas, etc, I have no doubt you will succeed. You are one of the strongest women I know Amber! I officially completed a marathon on Saturday. There were moments I thought I would break down in tears at any moment, and it was much harder than I imagined it would be, but such a great accomplishment. Good luck with all the many things you accomplish each and every day. You are AMAZING!!!